Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Beginning of The End

It's really starting to feel like we're in the home stretch now. Our cupboards are bare.

Cassandra's Closet
We've spent the last two weeks repairing and packing our crate. Although 1/3 of the crate was empty on the way here, we needed to pile all the family on top to get the cover on. Really hope the wine bottles didn't break!

Our crate leaves for Canada
The shipping company came to pick it up on Monday. I was shocked to find out it was 112kg heavier on the way home - souvenirs for all of you guys!

We posted our car on Trade Me, the NZ version of Craig's list, and it sold in under 72 hours. In return for a drop in price, the buyer agreed to let us keep it until the week we leave.

All of the utilities have sent their final bills. We've made reservations at all our favorite restaurants for one last visit. The guys from work are taking me out for a few drinks this Thursday. Gotta get me some Vitamin E.

Harrison and Kiwi buddies
Harrison had a sleepover last weekend with some new Kiwi friends. We got off relatively easy with 5 boys, a trip to the local go-karting joint, 9 litres of Mountain Dew and nearly 8 straight hours of the Family Guy. At the final hour, he is ambivalent about his return to Canada on account that he will miss his new girlfriend Zoe.

The real challenge comes this weekend when nine 8 year old girls invade our house for Cassandra's sleepover. The locals have applauded the advance planning it took to be on call at the hospital from Friday night to Monday morning. Trish however has managed to recruit another Mom to help with the bedlam.

And two weeks tonight, our suitcases will be packed and beside the door awaiting the 6am taxi pickup to the airport. The goodbye's to new friends and colleagues will be completed and our voyage home will be about to begin.

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