Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 ... 9 ... 8 ...

Nine days to go.

Our 252kg crate left last Thursday and is in the middle of the Atlantic by now.

The suitcases are 3/4 full with lots of different piles around our bedroom.

The Christmas parties are done, but the schedule is still full with goodbye dinners and drinks.

Most of the tinkering and repairs around the house are done in preparation for my sister's arrival as house sitter while we are gone. All the bills here are more or less on auto-pilot.

Got a bank account in NZ with a decent amount of cash waiting for us. Got the cell phones, ISPs, schools and TV figured out. Still have to figure out where we're going to get a car and how to register it. Overall, pretty well organized.

The girls and I are excited. I was expecting rivers of tears this weekend with Harrison's final hockey game, but so far so good. We play West Island at 6:00pm tomorrow and I think that will be it, so we'll see. So happy Cynthia got the photos organized before hand. It'll be sad to take the names and 'A' (for assistant captain) off his jersey. If his team does really well, maybe we'll do something really crazy and come back for the finals ... or maybe not.

Trish has changed from nervous to nervous and excited. I think she'll be fine although I've stocked up on Kleenex for the last 3 days.

Two shifts left at work - really happy about that, although I'll miss some of the people.

I had a chat today with Mackenzie about how sometimes blond children can be ... over-admired in China and that even though it'll be really hot and humid in Hong Kong, we're going to make her wear a hat to hide her "yellow hair". I think it made her feel special.

Very much looking forward to exploring the Napali coast in Kauai and to our New Year's Eve luau. The kids are going to take surfing lessons.

Although, it's been just over 3 years in the planning and fun to organize, I'm psyched to stop organizing and start experiencing.

Can't believe it's almost here!

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